Mental Health Hospitality Coalition

April 22, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we created this hospitality coalition of industry leaders and organizations to unite in solidarity around a common cause. With millions of jobs lost across the continent in the past month alone, the existing mental health and addiction epidemic in the hospitality sector will only intensify to catastrophic levels by the C19 emergency if left unaddressed.

​Our primary concern since this all began is that our industry had epidemic rates of mental health and substance use crisis before C19 appeared. Now, as a result of the pandemic we have millions of workers across North America left feeling helpless and in a state of isolation, depression, and anxiety. This many people suffering in silence is alarming and the potential impact is dangerous and devastating. 

To address this emergency, Not 9 to 5 is currently designing a digital certification platform to educate and empower hospitality workers and employers on mental health, addiction, and harm reduction. This project is being developed alongside mental health professionals and organizations. Our industry-specific mental health micro-course will be for all hospitality, food and beverage service workers in both Canada and the US (eventually global). This coalition of Canadian and American partners believe developing online assets and training modules will ensure the industry's most vulnerable can access help and support in this time of great loss and uncertainty.

In Solidarity, 

Hassel Aviles, Co-founder, Not 9 to 5 Organization (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Ariel Coplan; Co-founder, Not 9 to 5 Organization (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Patrick Mulvaney, I Got Your Back Org, Mulvaney’s (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Laura Green, Healthy Pour (Chicago, IL, USA)

Jessica Cruz, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Katherine Miller, James Beard Foundation, (New York City, NYC, USA) 

Colleen Vincent, Black Food Folks (New York City, NYC, USA) 

Clay Williams, Black Food Folks (New York City, NYC, USA)

J.C. Rainville, Remise en Place (Montreal, QC, Canada)

David McMillan, Joe Beef, Remise en Place (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Glenda Ann Robertson, Co-founder, Kitchens 4 Missions (Newfoundland, Canada)

Dyson Forbes, Food & Wine Navigator (Toronto, ON, Canada)

John Sinopoli, Save Hospitality Canada, Ascari Hospitality Group (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Shanna Munro, Restaurants Canada (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Shoel Davidson, Mind the Bar Foundation (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Rebecca Mackenzie, Culinary Tourism Alliance (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Natasha Fraser, Fair Kitchens (Canadian branch of  Unilever Food Solutions)

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