Volunteer Manager

Alexis is the General Manager at the Island Cafe on Wards Island. Growing up in the restaurant industry in combination with her personal mental health experiences has led her to advocate for safer restaurants and mental health support for hospitality folks. Alexis is the Project Manager for the Mind Your Health grant project and the Volunteer Manager for Not 9 to 5.


Branding and UX Design

I volunteer for Not 9 to 5 because addressing mental health and substance use issues in the industry requires all hands on deck. It makes me proud to be able to contribute to the mission of this organization.



I volunteer with Not 9 to 5 because after working in the industry in various capacities for over ten years, I want to help create the change that is needed to make this work better accessible and sustainable for future generations.


Admin & Marketing Support 

I volunteer for Not 9 to 5 because I believe the work they are doing makes a profound impact on the industry. Having  worked in both hospitality and social services over the past 10 years, this opportunity, allows those two worlds to come together in an important way.


Social Media Support 

With 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry spanning from event planning to innkeeping to restaurant management, Having open conversations about mental health and advocating for a positive work/life balance are subjects that have become increasingly important to Melissa over the last few years. She is eager to join the Not 9 to 5 team and help shift the workplace culture & conversations surrounding our industry.


Social Worker & Content Support

I care deeply about mental health as well as the food industry and I want to donate my time to a cause that brings these two passions together


Coalition & Partnerships

Lisa works as the Event Manager at a restaurant in downtown Toronto. Volunteering with Not 9 to 5 is important to me as someone who works in the industry and experiences first hand the toll that the irregular hours and subsequent lifestyle can take on a person. I strongly believe that resources for mental health and substance abuse need to become more accessible for individuals and in the workplace, especially while we all try to navigate these unprecedented times of Covid.